About Kiddie App

Raise – Read – Reward

Kiddie App is an educational system, an app that combines reading to children, rewarding and social media into positive parenting 2.0.

Kiddie App is available for iPad and iPhone (iOS) and will soon be available for other platforms, including Android.

Kiddie is a funny, stubborn toddler who is discovering the world and everything in it. Together with his parent, Biggie, and his friends, Kiddie gets into everyday adventures. These are shown through interactive stories about sleeping, eating, potty training and being sweet. Your child is actively involved while you read the story to them.

All the Kiddie charatcters

The stories come with in-app virtual Reward Charts on which your child can put virtual stickers. Rewarding is a fun and effective educational instrument. The progress on the Reward Charts can be shared through Facebook: education2.0.

Read more about our philosophy and the app, or watch the video.

These are the people who contributed to Kiddie App:

José J. Cabrera y Charro
CEO, concept, executive producer
@Steve_Jobs: Thank you for the inspiration

Hayo van Düsseldorf
Character design, illustration
@Kiddie: Keep up the good work, buddy!

Tynke Mulder
Stories, copywriting
@Gryt: the sweetest in the whole world

Bram Borrias, Eric Borrias, Josse Hornsveld
Music composition, sound design, recording
@Loekie_Wieringa: Thanx for the taf taf taf

Ivo Richaers, Heather Young, Sandy Topzand
Translation (all), voice over (IR)
@JimHenson: We still miss you

Remy Tjassing
Songs: writing-composing, recording
@Sinterklaas: Thank you for the music

The Secret Lab BV
Martijn Boomsma, Martijn Vreeke, Rudolf Wolterbeek Muller, Brian Fa Si Oen
App en website development
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John Bes
@All_parents: your kids are the best

Bas van den Broek
Legal Advisor
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