The Kiddie App Method

Educating in three steps: Raise – Read – Reward.

We believe that children develop best in a warm, positive atmosphere, where they can feel safe. We also believe that children naturally want to behave well. You can help them by showing and telling them what desirable behaviour looks like. You can set a good example yourself, for a start. Reading to your child is another positive and effective way to instil values. The Kiddie Reward Charts, the third component of our system, is a fun way to motivate and reward your child.

Parenting is a wonderful thing!

age 2-5

1. Raise

Kiddie App offers a fun and effective way to raise your child in these four areas: sleeping, eating, potty training, being sweet.


Kiddie App is an educational system as well as a fun and effective tool to support you in parenting children between the ages of 2 and 5. Kiddie and his friends are the main characters in the interactive stories and they teach your child more about going to bed, eating, potty training and being sweet.

By reading to your child and singing the fun songs together, you can use Kiddie to teach your child about desirable behaviour. This combined with rewarding, an instrument that is more fun and effective than punishment, enhances the system’s effectiveness.

Please remember that every child is different, every child has his or her own tempo. Education is not a race!

2. Read

Kiddie App provides interactive stories that help you teach your child about good behaviour.

Reading = fun. Reading = learning

Kiddie, a fun and stubborn toddler, is the main character of the interactive stories in which your child will become actively involved whilst you read to them. Kiddie and his friends appeal to a toddler‘s world of imagination.

Read the stories often and your child will learn about desirable behaviour in a fun way. Reading to a child is quality time between parent and c